Mar 12, 2013


                                      LATEST BACK NECK BLOUSE MODELS
Pattern Blouse
Peacock designs Blouse patterns are the yoke styles over which the blouse is patterned and stitched. Before stitching the actual blouse one needs to draw the stitching pattern. Usually a chart paper is used to draw the stitching pattern for both front and back side. Use an inch tape to measure the needed measurements for a well fitting blouse.

The back part has the pattern for arm hole and neck curve. The front and back part is the important and vital part of the blouse. The front part has both patterns for arm hole and neck curve. Apart from that waist line, Full Bust line, High Bust line, hip line, neckline, Shoulder Length, Bust measurement and Hip measurement are also the part of front part pattern. After the pattern is drawn, the patterns are copied into the blouse material and cut into individual cut pieces. The front part is cut into two pieces. Darts are placed at strategic positions and then the front and back part are stitched together carefully without disturbing the darts. Now the Patti and the sleeve are attached to this. After the sleeve part is stitched, the neck cross piece has to be stitched and then hooks have to be stitched.

The measurements needed for a Pattern Blouse can be seen here. The blouse pattern can be made of different styles namely Princess Seam, Dart Blouse or can be left at the Designers Discretion.

peacock designs back neck
new trend models


back neck different shapes models blouse
back neck different shapes 

back neck different shapes models of blouse
back neck different shapes 

back side blouse designs
back side blouse

latest blouse model

 blouse model 

back knot blouse
red saree
In India the most popular and famous dress used by Indian women is sari and blouse, So today we will discuss about
today's fashion of Indian designer sari blouse patterns.Indian women knows very well the importance of
blouse designs as compared to saris. It should match the sari designs and must be at same color tone of
sari. So while selecting any blouse designs and colour you must first set your mind according to the shade of
saree. If you are a women then you know very well that women’s always try to experiment day by day on current
sari style and blouse patterns.That’s the reason why latest saree blouse patterns keeps on coming.And blouse
is the most important accessory of saree.That’s why blouse comes in fashion statement! So daily we can see
latest blouse designs and patterns because of this daily experimenting on patterns by many well known
designer.Indian women the most important and famous designs of saree blouse now a days is of bold blouses.
Now the designer blouse patterns and saree blouse designs is not only behind the ramp and models it has come
in front of today’s normal Women’s also.People Indian are now well aware of today’s latest fashion in
market.And many Women’s just wanted to give a try as soon as any new fashion comes out in saree blouse
patterns.Bellow you will find some latest and well known saree blouse patterns and designs to get an idea and
feel of blouse designs of 2010-2014......
back knot blouse

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