Sep 7, 2013

women's Long sleeve blouse fashion trend

women's Long sleeve blouse fashion trend

As more and more women are becoming fashion conscious,more and more style in the blouses are coming up nowadays in blouses long sleeve are most popular.

long sleeve blouse
As the weather gets colder, Bollywood opts for ways to keep warm. What better way than to cover up those arms with some sleeves! from Bollywood to all south Indian actresses also wearing and inspiring us.

new trend blouse
women's long sleeve blouse

polka dots stylish blouse
black color long sleeve blouse

half and hald saree
women's netted long sleeve blouse

Actually it's old fashion .... but lot of re embellishments and variations are there.. These type of blouses are feminine and can make you look soft,elegant, or both.
here are some of Bollywood's scarlet's donning this trend...

front neck blouse
embroidery work  long sleeve blouse

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